Jr. Oakland Cubers is a nonprofit volunteer-led program that aims to empower Oakland youth with learning opportunities.

Our mission is to encourage, inspire, build confidence, and challenge children to push learning boundaries.

The Rubik’s cube has been known to help children grasp important math concepts including area, perimeter, volume, angles, algorithms and enumeration, among many other geometry and algebraic topics. The cube allows children skills such as focus, following directions, memorization, sequencing, problem-solving, critical thinking, and perseverance.

Our goal is to represent Oakland in all of its diversity.

Join Our Club! Come to one of our events and try us out. Support us by subscribing to our newsletters, like us on Facebook and Instagram, and please share this program with friends. Whether you’ve never solved a cube before or you are a speed solver, we welcome all children and levels.

Together, we can build a community of exceptionally bright kids!